5 Simple Fashion Tips for Men

April 30, 2017

5 Simple Fashion Tips for Men

Summer is fast approaching so that mean's its time you heat up your style. Here’s 5 simple style tips that keep your look relaxed and refined with the latest fashion trends.

1) Substitute Chinos for Dress Pants
These aren’t your dad’s chinos! Available now in slimmer fits and a wide variety of colours, now is the perfect time to trade in your dress pants for a more intriguing options.

2) Add a Tie Bar
This tip is both practical and fashionable. Adding a tie bar, especially when you ditch your suit jacket helps keeps your tie intact, and with the wide variety of colours available it can add a bold splash of colour to your outfit.

3) Bow Ties Are In
The list on why bow-ties are a must have is endless. There often bolder patterns, there great conversation starters and most importantly there different. Be bold, be different and stand out at your next event while wearing a bow-tie

4) Add a NATO Strap Watch
With warm weather causing your body temperature to increase, wearing a metal or leather watch strap can be uncomfortable at times. Invest in a NATO strap watch; it's more comfortable on summer days and indirectly adds a splash of colour to your outfit

5) Add a Lapel Pin
If you haven't caught on yet, we love lapel pins! There fun, colourful and a simple accessory that can help you stand out. Adding a lapel pin also helps make your blazer appear visually different, giving you the ability to pull off the same blazer for work and after work cocktails.