Best Dressed Athletes in Sports

April 30, 2017

Best Dressed Athletes in Sports

Nowadays, more than ever, sports and style go hand-in-hand. Athletes are often scrutinized while applying their craftsmanship to their particular sport, so why not evaluate their style off the playing field? These 6 athletes ensure that their game off the field is as fresh as their game on it.

David Beckham-Men's Fashion

 David Beckham- @davidbeckham

Henrik Lundqvist-Men's Fashion

Henrik Lundqvist- @hank30nyr 

Lebron James- Men's Fashion

Lebron James- @kingjames

Bryce Harper- Men's Fashion

Bryce Harper- @bharper3407
(Anthony Mair)

Kevin Love-Men's Fashion

Kevin Love- @kevinlove
(Banana Republic)

Jose Bautista- Men's Fashion

Jose Bautista- @joeybats19
(Ishmil Waterman)