December 2017 Trend: Knit Ties

December 04, 2017

December 2017 Trend: Knit Ties

Every month will be highlighting one fashion trend that we feel deserves some serious recognition.

Are you looking to refresh your necktie fashion but don’t know where to start? Confused with what colours, materials and styles you should start with? Don’t worry; The Dirty Collar has you covered! Were here to introduce you to a tie many men are still unfamiliar with but should be; say hello to men’s knit ties. Knit ties; the maverick of the tie world. Over the past year, the knit tie is seeing a rebirth but for many guys, there still unsure how to wear them and more importantly when they can wear them.

Here are some general tips when wearing knit ties:

  • In our opinion, the ideal width for knitted ties is 2-2.5inchs. Although it’s a little narrower than most ties, this width gives the knit tie a modern shape and allows the tie to be worn both formally and causally.
  • When choosing colours for knit ties, consider the season the tie will be primarily worn in. In the summer months go lighter and brighter colours such as green, pink and light blue and in the cooler months, go with darker colours such as navy and maroon. In cooler months opt for heavier materials such as wool to give your outfit a more rugged look.
  • In our opinion, knit ties are great for layered outfits as they can be the perfect casual tie that you can dress up an outfit with.

Wear them in summer. Wear them in winter. Wear them with a suit. Wear them with a denim jacket and slim-cut cargo trousers. A knit tie can add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe because of its interesting fabric and texture. Take a look at the collection of knit ties offered by The Dirty Collar for some stylish choices add refresh your necktie fashion today!